Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

A separate rant on toilet paper

I use a lot of toilet paper. As much as a roll a day with some brands. I just want to be sure everything is cleaned up and don't want to touch anything yucky.

I use so much that I've stuffed up a lot of people's toilets (flashback to my cousins being mad at me when we were at Aunt Riva's house which only had 2 bathrooms, for Expo '67), and always keep a plunger handy at home. To avoid floods, I've learned to flush in the middle, and never to buy Marcal (which I've learned the hard way tends to clog things up).

In 1990 I was visiting a boyfriend's parents in Florida. We went to a museum, and his mother and I were in the ladies' room. Unfortunately, my stall had no paper and I asked her to hand me some from next door. This was the kind of paper that comes in individual squares, and Mrs. W gave me two squares. "Could I have some more?" I asked. Two more squares came under the wall. "Sorry, that's not enough. Could you give me a LOT?" Mrs. W thought I was strange.

Why am I even bringing this up? Because I've been buying 2-ply Charmin on double rolls. It's thick, comes in large multi-packs, and doesn't mess up the plumbing. Before I knew I was going out Wednesday, I did a FreshDirect order, mainly because I was low on paper (I always keep a spare roll in the linen closet, and I was using that roll). But FreshDirect didn't have 2-ply Charmin so I got 2-ply Northern instead.

Yuck! Northern's so thin I had to check the package and the paper itself to make sure it wasn't 1-ply. Oh well, I'll use this 6-pack and then return to the normal Charmin.

Luckily we'll have 3.5 baths in the Sundance condo. I'll have to live with whatever brand of paper is provided, and try not to stuff things up.

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