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I've been on a busman's holiday, doing puzzles I'm not getting paid to do. I finished Lunch Boy's Sit & Solve crosswords, and a Sit & Solve book of cross sums which I think I originally proofread (but that has no effect on my enjoyment).

I finished "Isaac and His Devils," finally! I should have abandoned it, as I found the characters unappealing and the book generally unsatisfying. Back it will go to the library, just in time to avoid a third renewal.

Inching along in her autobiography, Jane Fonda is back from Vietnam and filming "Coming Home."

Rhapsody is now available for Mac (in a web form)! This means I can have access to music on demand even when traveling with the iBook. I went to load Rhapsody and found I need OS 10.3.9 and I had 10.3.7. So I did a bunch of software updates (it made me update Java and some other stuff besides OS), and then blissfully was able to listen to the Feathermerchants in the living room. The iBook default speakers aren't great (the Windows desktop in the bedroom has good speakers and a subwoofer), so I put on the new Bose QuietComforts and happily did puzzles with musical accompaniment. I can't work with music, but I can play with it.

This idyll was interrupted by yelling and noise next door, which was strange since it was early in the morning. It sounded like they were throwing things. Having just read this story http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime_file/story/378659p-321612c.html of a woman hearing noise, looking out the window, and getting killed by a stray bullet, I played it safe, turned off the music and went to the other end of the apartment.

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