Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I handed in 2 more jobs today. I'm spreading out the work and procrastinating so much I'm not really having a vacation this week. One more job to go (due Tuesday), and I have 3 LA Times to do. And I really must start pulling together the financial records. And shopping for shoes/boots and winter things for Sundance. (I say this so much I should just have a template saying this.)

I adjusted my sleep-all-day schedule to meet the Bronx Zoo bat mitzvah family for lunch. They were visiting the Museum of Natural History, and I ended up walking down. It was pleasant at the time, but my feet are still feeling the effects of my old, ill-fitting shoes. The area was crowded with people, and we had to abandon 3 restaurants that had waiting times (one had free tables, but the staff was so disorganized that no one was dealing with the line at the door; we figured it would be just as hard to get our food if we did get a table). We found a very nice Japanese place on a side street. I thought lunch specials were abbreviated versions of the normal dinner, but these lunch specials were huge. I still haven't felt hungry enough to have dinner.

I could have gone over to Broadway to the Town Shop or Harry's Shoes or Filene's Basement, but my feet hurt (due to bad shoes, emphasizing the fact that I need shoes). I hate shopping. Oy. I really need to do this. Sundance is 3 weeks away (edited to add: Baby!).

People seem to be back from wherever they were and updating blogs more often. I know because I'm constantly clicking on my links list when I'm home. In entertainment gossip today, Mike Myers is divorcing and Tori Spelling is already engaged to the guy she broke up her previous marriage for.

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