Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Traditional Jewish Christmas

I slept from noon until 8 pm, and after doodling around on the Web, decided it was time to order the traditional Jewish Christmas dinner (technically, breakfast) of Chinese food.

I called Ollie's just before 10 - and they were closing! Yeesh, usually they are open until 2am (midnight on Sundays).

Hunan Balcony to the rescue. The total came to $22 with a tip, but I had no ones. Given the recent cashing in of coins at Commerce Bank I wasn't sure I had change, but there were some quarters in the piggy bank. Looking at the pile of 8 quarters, I decided that looked really chintzy, and decided to tip the guy $5 in honor of the holiday. He seemed pleased. Just as long as he doesn't expect that kind of tip every time.

So now I'll have Chinese food, and maybe watch a DVD or taped movie afterward for the other part of traditional Jewish Christmas.
Update: I watched "The Temptations" (and kept getting up to dance).

After that, I need to do work so I can start my "vacation."

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