Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Is this a holiday or something?

I finally got my one holiday task done - putting money in cards for my building's staff. We get a list of the employees to make it easier. A few times they did a lump-sum gift pool, which I just loved, but the workers didn't because it ended up being less money per person.

I have a box of cards I've accumulated over the years, sent free from charities or occasionally even bought (when I had the energy to do holiday cards), and it still hasn't run out. I had taken out cash a few weeks ago for this purpose, and it actually did feel good to give. I haven't had many repairs done this year, but you never know. I was more generous to the concierge desk guys as I had so many book packages this year.

At 9am I went to the building office (where they are nice enough to distribute our envelopes) and found it closed. Maybe they weren't in yet. No, said the concierge, they're off for the day. Oh well. Some people will get their envelopes next week.

I gave the concierge his card and he came around to the front of the desk and gave me a big hug. Later on, I gave the next desk guy his card and the same thing happened. Felt a little weird, but that's the holiday spirit of goodwill.

I also sent some cash to our mail carrier (who put holiday cards in everyone's boxes) c/o the post office. I hope it gets to him. I'm not sure what our regular carrier looks like, so didn't try to deliver it in person.

I then went down to the NY Times which seemed emptier than usual. I got there at 9:30 which is also much earlier than usual. I was just finishing up when Will arrived and we chatted as he opened his huge pile of mail. One complainer indignantly wondered what BAM had to do with cooking, and another totally didn't get the theme of a puzzle. People are so quick to find fault, and most of the time they are wrong.

Back uptown, I got enough groceries to hole up for a while (and there's always Fresh Direct). I somehow managed to stay up several more hours, and sent some E-mails which upon rereading sound giddy with the effects of lack of sleep. I decided to introduce two young pre-med students I know to each other; if nothing else, they will each have a new friend.

Apple called saying my AppleCare was expiring today and did I want to renew it. I could have sworn I already sent back a form, but said OK (sales resistance is low when you're sleepy). Then I checked the serial number she gave me, and it was NOT my computer. I realized that serial number must correspond to the iBook I originally ordered last December that got lost in FedEx. The replacement came in January, which was the expiration date on the form I sent (I found a copy later). I called Apple and canceled the phone order, and tried to straighten out my records, but am not sure it's cleared up. They apparently have multiple wrong records for me, and I couldn't find my correct order online. Their system was down, so I can't pursue this until tomorrow.

FINALLY fell asleep around 5pm, and woke up around 10:30pm. It's officially Christmas Eve now. Bah Humbug!

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