Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Moving again

Yay, the strike is over!

Not that I've left my apartment (other than to get the mail) in days. Maybe even a week. The only inconvenience I suffered was not using my free pass to "The Producers" movie Wednesday. As I commented on Doug's blog, I am exceedingly grateful for my commute from the bed to the desk.

My former co-worker Josh had a much stronger opinion on the strike: http://blogsarestoopid.blogs.friendster.com/blogs_are_stoopid/ (12/22 entry).

I was going to do the NY Times work at home Thursday, but was missing a file (since sent). Once the news of the settlement came out, I decided to just go in Friday and work there. Because of my weird sleep schedule, I'm still up and hope to just stay up, go downtown and work, and come back home and go to sleep. Ah, the life of a freelancer!

I did some Puzzle Palace (the name of our Sundance condo unless someone can think of something better) work yesterday, clarifying some items with the people in Park City and sending out a long E-mail to the housemates. As questions get answered, I find I have more: Should we be making restaurant reservations or just get groceries and eat at home? Is there shampoo in the bathroom? How do you work the hot tub? Exactly how far away is the shuttle into town? It's like being a con host on a much smaller scale.

As I commented in the E-mail, there's a "Real World" aspect to it all: 8 strangers (or at least people I've never lived with before, and not everyone knows everyone else) picked to live in a house... I hope we don't stop being polite. I'm not used to having people around so it should be an interesting experience. Like senior year on 9 Furnald, but with grown-ups (though I don't think we'll be duplicating the indoor clambake which came about when some floormates decided that everyone likes... SEAFOOD! I went home that weekend, and returned to a floor lounge that smelled like melted butter).

I contacted that big "Jeopardy!" champ we met last summer who lives near the festival. He will try to catch "Wordplay," though it could be after we've left. He said he has always been able to get in to Sundance movies through waiting list lines, making me feel better about our chances.

I've done some more work, though I'm not yet at the point needed to have a free week next week. It is still possible if I work over the weekend. Working on Christmas (and, this year, Hanukkah) doesn't faze me. The holiday is a non-event (except that one year I was goosed by a mental patient - I'll tell that story on Sunday).

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