Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Day Two

Along with thousands of other shivering souls, my former co-worker Doug had a long walk yesterday. http://www.planetgordon.com (12/20)

I'm sooooo glad I'm working at home. I already sent out some work today.

The only drawback is the loud jackhammer directly above me. Apparently my neighbor is having work done in her apartment. This has been going on all week.

I'm still up from yesterday and will be going to sleep pretty soon. Although I can't work with noise, for some reason I can sleep through anything.

Thanks to Pandora.com, I still have the Feathermerchants in heavy rotation on Rhapsody. Maybe I'll set up a playlist for my nap. I bet I won't dream about dishwashers.

When I get up, I need to prepare the holiday envelopes for the building workers before they become "New Year's presents."

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