Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

This week is almost anticlimactic. The whole holiday thing is a nonevent for me, as my family doesn't celebrate anything. Which eases the stress considerably.

I did next week's NYT puzzles Sunday night, and the following week's should be ready Thursday. This means if I can get my other work done, I can take a work vacation next week. Not sure if that's possible. I always seem to have work to do, but it's not nearly as heavy as a few weeks ago.

I'm really enjoying pandora.com. I take the songs and artists it recommends and then listen to them on demand on rhapsody.com which I subscribe to. A veritable music cornucopia! Right now I'm playing the Feathermerchants (pandora hooked me with "Water and Dreams")

I might actually have time to look at the Puzzle Boat again. Jeffurry has been doing all the heavy lifting for the team.


nonfiction: Jane Fonda's autobio (still). I'm on p. 290 and she's in Hanoi. I read a few pages before dropping off to sleep, so it's taking forever. This reminds me of a book I had to read during college called "The Waning of the Middle Ages" by Huizinga. This was taking so long that my sister (my roommate at the time) stuck a note on it saying, "Finish me, please! Love, J. Huizinga."

fiction: "Isaac and his Devils" by Fernanda Eberstadt. I've renewed it twice at the library. Only on p. 95. The story of an eccentric kid growing up in a town in NH.

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