Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Last 1969 post until... 1970! (January 12)

Tuesday, December 16, 1969

Felt rather depressed after leaving WKCR where I finally met E but got very little accomplished about engineering. D [E from home's cousin] knocked on the door and was surprised to see me there. We talked minimally. He was looking for D2. E is very witty and all, left not so much mark on me as some others. He is a math major. I REALLY would like to get involved in the station but with finals and all it won't be easy. I can't believe I've been putting things off so long. It's no longer the beginning of the year, for heaven's sake.

Went to Jester tonight, by the way. They really are nice, I guess. H reminds me of M from high school (but HIS jokes are never funny, said Andy Heyward [recent president of CBS News]). K said something about it being a tongue-in-cheek meeting since so few showed up, and H and I both put our tongues in our cheeks. I inadvertently smiled at him, forgetting he wasn't M. Would I be at ease with the real M? Who knows? H likes (loves is more like it) opera - so do so many other guys I know. Maybe my heart is with opera-lovers. Oh well.

I never seem to fit in anywhere. I'd better get back to studying math. Never did see N today.
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