Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Let there be light among the stress

I slept for a while and then woke up early in order to do some work.

First, I struggled for an hour wondering why a puzzle would not work in "new" Across Lite. I cut and paste and renamed and tried to load, and reread the specs, and kept getting error messages. Finally, I sent it to various technical types asking for help. The answer soon came back - I used the heading GRID instead of REBUS. DOH! I was so worried about the format itself that I neglected to notice the heading was wrong. I made the correction and the puzzle now works.

Next, to finish Uptown. I had done 2 of the 5 puzzles, so needed to solve the last 3 and then do a few look-ups for all 5. I got this done. One puzzle had some comic relief to cheer me up: ELLENS clued as "Barkin and Ripstein." This was similar to the long-ago clue in another Dell book I was proofreading: "For ___ time, call [my phone number]" for AGOOD. Of course, these get taken out before publication. Then again, I am a movie star now. :0

Just as I was preparing to mail the Uptown corrections, Leslie E-mailed that the entire office was going out for holiday lunch, and not coming back until Monday, so I didn't need to get this in until Monday. Oh well, it was done anyway. That's one less thing to worry about.

I'm still worried about my antsy Amazon buyer. I wish the book would get there already, although it's NOT EVEN LATE.

The Random House book I just did is coming back with corrections to check. And I still have to do at-home grading, Parnell Hall, and financial records and billing. And going through and shopping for warm clothes.

I am so glad my family doesn't celebrate end-of-year holidays requiring gifts. I can see how gift-giving can be stressful. The only gifts I need to prepare are Christmas tips for the building workers.

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