Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Long day

I was concerned that my rash, though fading, has not completely disappeared so went to see the dermatologist this morning. He said it could take 6 months or even longer for the rash to go away, and to consider cosmetic options if it was still there in March. Insurance won't cover such treatment, so I'll have to see how bad it is. The little bumps under my eyebrow are probably unrelated cysts, and there too he said to wait and see. So in a few months, I'll take stock and see if by then I'm used to this. My skin was not good to begin with; I've been going to dermatologists for years. I'm not sure it helps, but at least I can say I did what I could.

I next went to the post office near the Times to mail out a paperback. Last week the PO in my neighborhood was packed with people sending holiday packages and I waited 45 minutes. Today I was shocked to see NO LINE. The postal clerk even had time to chat about the freezing weather.

I then went to the Times. Will's desk was moved yet again. It's now in the Style section. I had not been friendly with the people in Will's previous areas, but two different women in this section came over to introduce themselves (Will said one of them talked to him, too). One told me that Style included food reviews. The brother of an NPLer is an NYT food critic, so I asked if he worked there. With that, she called him over and we met. I told him of the connection, but I don't think he had a clue who I am.

Will's new chair was extremely uncomfortable and a copy editor came over to help adjust it. I know nothing about these ergonomic chairs and their various levers. After fiddling, it's still not ideal but at least I don't feel like I'm about to fall head-first into the desk. I still need to get the printers figured out, and get a documents clip for the computer which is now too far away from the desk. By then, they'll move him again. Sigh. I hate change.

Fliers indicate the NYT employee book sale will be right after I get back from Utah. I was almost hoping I would miss it, since I always buy too much. Especially this year, I really don't need more books. I have 8 overflowing bookcases, plus several boxes of extras from my recent buying spree. But the NYT always has such great popular fiction and nonfiction, donated by employees and publishers. I purposely stayed away 2 years ago, but don't know if I have the willpower to do that again.

It had gotten even colder when I left the Times. I need more effective winter clothes for Sundance. It's drafty inside here too, and I hope the Puzzle Palace condo has good heating. No confirmation on possible occupants #7 and 8, but even if we're 6 the price is right. In addition, Kray thought he might be traveling west around that time, but it looks like it will be just after we leave.

A new thing that's nagging at me concerns a statistics text I sold on Amazon. The purchase was made Friday 12/2 requesting standard shipping, I sent the book out Monday 12/5 (the next business day) Media Mail, and the buyer has been E-mailing me and asking about tracking, why she hasn't received the book, do I have a receipt, etc. Amazon says to expect items 4-14 business days from purchase, which puts it at 12/22 if business days means Monday-Friday. Plus it's Christmastime so things could be slow despite today's empty PO. She was so concerned I told her I'd send her one of my availables free of charge from BookCrossing.com (waiting to hear back), but I have a feeling she still may complain. Even though she DID NOT REQUEST EXPEDITED SHIPPING and the book is NOT EVEN LATE.

Leslie's taking Friday off so I need to finish and send Uptown tomorrow. I'm cold and cranky and want to rest.

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