Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Fun and games

According to this face recognition site, the celebrity I most resemble is Sofia Coppola. People sometimes say Amy Irving, but I don't know if she's in this database. Try it, it's fun! http://www.myheritage.com/FP/Company/tryFaceRecognition.php?s=1&u=g0&lang=EN&restore

I just sent in LA Times, so now have Uptown and Cross Sums to do. Once that's done, I can go back to reading books and magazines, and banging my head on the Puzzle Boat.

I ordered 4 pairs of (allegedly) thermal tights (2 different kinds). I still need to buy shoes and boots, repair coats, and generally look through my winter clothes. Somewhere in this jumble may be a suitable Sundance wardrobe, but dry cleaning and more purchases are probably needed. Still plenty of time, but the last minute happens before you know it.

The Sundance (Baby!) Puzzle Palace is coming into shape. Very exciting. A substantial sum has been charged to my credit card; no looking back. Everyone who hears the news wants me to send regards to Bob/Harvey/Quentin/Spike et al. Sure, no prob. We'll do lunch. (Going Hollywood? Moi? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM????)

Last night Janet and Joe graciously hosted a small gathering for Judie, in from Miami. Leslie lives so close by she didn't need to wear a coat (she came by way of the basement connecting their buildings), yet she sees Janet as often in Stamford as she does in New York. It was good to see some of the old Games play-testing contingent, as well as the Bronx Zoo bat mitzvah girl's parents. We ate well, talked, and then Mikey (wearing his personalized Mike Nikes, and that rhymes) emceed a rollicking game of Outburst with his usual brilliant offhand quips. Norma yelled out the window, "Hey, New York, Judie B.'s in town!!" Luckily, we were 24 floors up or I could be writing this from jail.

The only negative was an irritating contact that left my eye red and sore. I've had trouble with this lens before; I need to use eye drops. I'm also still worried about roofing scarring; I don't think I've had a recurrence (or it would be much worse), but it hasn't entirely gone away. And there's that thing still bothering me from yesterday, though it's further down in my consciousness.

For now, I'm going to take the rest of the night off, and tackle Uptown tomorrow.

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