Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Accentuate the positive

There is so much exciting and good and absorbing and wonderful going on.

So instead I'm focusing on a small negative issue. I need to remember the 98% that's really great right now. One of my friends observed that people have real problems, and she's upset that her shoe broke (good thing she's not Jennifer Lopez!). I'm the same way.

Being busy keeps my mind off things, and I'm certainly busy. I even got work done today.

Whatever is worrying me at any given time normally is forgotten later as new situations arise. When I re-read this in a few weeks, I hope I'll have no idea what I was talking about.

Just in time to lighten the mood: Party tomorrow for someone visiting from Florida. Whenever I see these people, I think, Wow they are so nice, we need to get together more often. And then time goes by and we're all so busy.

I was also invited to a Christmas party in Princeton, but couldn't manage the logistics of both. We were also going to do the unveiling for my father this weekend - it's 2 years on Tuesday - but that's been put off indefinitely. He's in our thoughts whether a plaque in a wall has been formalized or not.

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