Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Too much!

(Minor spoiler) A puzzle I was testing yesterday had the clue, "Ready to freak out, maybe" - STRESSED! Exactly what I've been feeling.

Stressful situations:

1) Book of approx. 150 large-print puzzles due Friday (which means must be sent out before Thursday 9 pm FedEx closing), 40 still to go, or 8-20 hours. Was looking not possible without severe sleep deprivation.

2) Book of children's puzzles from publisher I'd never worked with (meaning I have to get used to their style requirements), was supposed to arrive Tuesday before Thanksgiving, finally got here Monday 11/28 dated 11/23 express mail but somehow never got expressed. Publisher still wants it back Tuesday 12/6, meaning it must be sent out before Monday 9 pm FedEx closing. I told them I'd hand-deliver it if necessary (to North Adams, MA - where is that, anyway?) if I missed Monday FedEx, but scared I may have to actually do that. It would be a very costly (time, money, tremendous inconvenience considering I don't drive) grand gesture.

3) Are those little bumps under my eyebrow a recurrence of what I had before? Am I feeling tingling in my face? Does my right eye hurt? Is this psychosomatic or real?

What's happening now:

1) If it is indeed a recurrence, I will call up the doctor and ask to renew the antiviral prescription, which is really all that the emergency room did last time. Recurrence is supposedly very rare, and I hope it's just stress. Nothing (yet) is erupting or looking disgusting like last time.

2) Realizing the large-print people are not likely to actually look at the MS over the weekend, I called and got an extension. I can send it as late as Monday, but due to the other looming job, want to get it done ASAP.

3) Still haven't started the kids' book, which could be harder than it looks due to its subject matter of fish, as well as style considerations.

4) Still have my other recurring jobs (cross sums - Yay!, Uptown due 12/16, LA Times), but they seem less daunting give the extension above.

New stress that arrived in today's mail: My bank's name needs to be changed for Quicken to continue downloading transactions. I haven't updated Quicken since August (other than occasional stock quotes), and have a big pile of financial items to enter. I started following the bank's instructions but had to stop when you need to reconcile all the transactions and then DISABLE the account and enable it with the new name. Can't do that until I enter them! I have until 2/15/06 to do this, but financial updating will have to be get done soon. Not today, though.

Nice thing in yesterday's mail: Bose noise-canceling headphones! I had tried toonhead_npl's at con and while they felt heavy on the head, the sound was very nice. Since I'll be on a plane soon (Sundance, baby!), I finally got around to ordering them. Due to massive busyness, I haven't even opened the box.

So, so much to do before the trip to Sundance (baby! - that's my new slogan), including arranging accommodations - must decide between puzzlers' ski house (fun, less expensive, but I'm used to living alone and may find it too crowded) or regular hotel (likely to be more convenient to festival, but not available for many dates so may have no choice). Also flights. Nothing can be done until the dates are set. Then there's the stress of wondering if we'll get tickets to our own premiere (we won't know this until January), arranging to see other films (won't that be exciting to read about them later in EW and having been THERE in person!), and wardrobe. I'll have to go through everything wintry and see what's usable and what needs to be bought. I definitely need boots and thermal undergarments. And a clasp put on the Nana fur coat, which I've had since she died in 2000 but never wore. Since Nana was tiny and it's a 3/4 length coat, it's more like a jacket so I may have to bring my regular winter coat as well (which means I should sew on that safety-pinned button).

I took some Vanquish before and am suddenly "feeling no pain." And no longer freaking out.

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