Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Now it can be told... Sundance, baby!

qaqaq has released the great news that not only has the crossword documentary "Wordplay" been made, it's been accepted as a finalist at Sundance! And we're going there in January to attend the World Premiere!

Trip IM'ed me Thursday night with a vague message about Utah. I said, "Whaaa..." and he broke the news. It had to be kept secret until the official Sundance release of the nominees, which finally happened late tonight. Meanwhile, I alternated between worrying I had been cut out of the movie and surfing the web for flights and accommodations (which is pointless since we won't know the exact dates we need to be there until the schedule is posted 12/10).

The weekend wore on with no call. Work got done. Obsessing continued. Patrick finally got me this afternoon. Whew! Everyone is beyond thrilled. There were over 700 submissions for 16 documentary spots. This is big.

It's going to be COLD there. I may have to break down and buy pants. Maybe a graceful long wool skirt. A cute, toasty sweater. Thermal underwear. Boots. Should I bring an evening gown? My baton?

Due to a complicated ticket-buying lottery system, we're not even guaranteed tickets to our own movie. We've pre-registered and will hope for the best when it's time to buy. Seriously, I'll bribe someone in front of the theater to get in. Others have mentioned murder but of course they didn't mean it. :0

Jet Blue flies to Salt Lake City for $99 each way. But will it still be available when I know when I need to fly?

Housing could be tough. Preliminary searches show most of the hotel rooms have already been snapped up, and the prices are appropriate for Hollywood moguls. Salt Lake City is much more reasonable but how would I get there (especially without a driver's license). There are Big Sky-type ski houses nearby that are a possible alternative, especially if the puzzlers all share. There, too, a vehicle might be needed. Park City has a free shuttle service, but how far does it go, how often does it run? We won't all be going to the same movies; how will we manage?

All this will get sorted out. I'm going to Sundance, baby!

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