Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Dead horse department

On the NY Times crossword forum, someone brought up the topic of whether the millennium starts at year 0 or year 1. Nooooo....! He even acknowledged it might have been, uh, covered before.

While we're at it, can we discuss whether Oscars are for the year of the movie or the year of the ceremony? And how about those words ending in -gry?

In the "not dead yet" department, we lifted anchor again on the Puzzle Boat and made progress in ring 4. This was to the detriment of work, which I'm finally doing now (just taking an Internet-reading break).

And in the dead turkey department, I didn't know if I would be doing anything for Thanksgiving. Doing nothing would have been OK - it's always a zoo traveling anywhere. But my cousins invited me; my young cousin's rock musician boyfriend and his family visiting from Texas will be there. Last year they all went out on their own, so I ended up at a last-minute celebration at Will's. I had some trepidation when Will wondered, "How hard could it be to cook a turkey?" but the food, company, and games (a tossing balls game left over from the Newark con) were fine.

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