Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Mail which looked bad but wasn't

You know things are slow when I write about what I got in the mail.

I had a late start today, and just now (7 pm) washed my hair, dressed and went down to get the mail. This is always risky on Fridays after business hours, since any wrong bureaucratic matter has to wait until Monday.

Uh-oh. Envelope from Cigna pharmacy services. What could they be disputing? Early this year I had to fight to get prescription Allegra (and it was so much on my mind I accidentally called Electra "Allegra"), but that was approved after my allergist stressed OTC antihistamines had been completely ineffective for months. More recently, I filled roofing disease-related prescriptions for antivirals (how could they possibly reject that?) and a painkiller (which I never took; it's here in case of emergency).

Whew! Cigna sent a $7 coupon for OTC Alavert, which they suggested might work for my allergy problems. I still have some prescription pills, but I'll keep this in mind.

Next, envelope from Amazon credit card. Didn't I just pay that? Was there a problem? I love this card, since it accrues points for gift certificates on Amazon.com, so I use it for big-ticket items like paying estimated taxes through officialpayments.com.

Whew! Not a bill, but one of those "checks to borrow on your balance" mailings which I always toss.

And an envelope which didn't look bad, and wasn't: a "big fat check" from ebates.com. It wasn't very big or fat but I'll take the $9.52 rebate on Web-based purchases. Better than nothing. If you go to the site, tell them I sent you.

The rest of the mail... more magazines to add to the unread pile (the weeklies EW, People, Us and Star are getting close to 2 months behind - not good), and various junk not worth describing. It could be argued that everything described above wasn't worth describing either.

I'm going to start listing what I'm reading as an incentive to finish each book and list something new. Right now it's:

Fiction: "Slave to Fashion" by Rebecca Campbell. British chick lit, nothing special so far.

Nonfiction: "My Life So Far" by Jane Fonda. I've been reading this for a while; someone on bookcrossing.com wants it when I'm done, but I'm inching through at glacial speed.

I have quite a lot of work. I worked on 2 books today, but need to step up the pace. It's always a work day when you're a freelancer!

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