Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Shoe-eating monster

Remember how there were monsters under the bed when you were a little kid (or if not there, in the closet)? Well, they have returned and they have a taste for shoes.

That's the only way I can explain my missing shoes. I've been wearing a pair of ratty black sandals. I wore them to Great Neck Saturday, changed into nicer, less comfortable shoes for the reunion, and definitely put the sandals back on in the car going home.

Sunday I walked up Broadway to 110th Street. I must have been wearing the sandals since they are the most comfortable shoes I own. I had heard of Koronet Pizza's huge slices (they arrived in the Columbia area after my time), and decided to try one. It sure was huge. I stayed there to eat it, so it was very fresh. It was nothing special, taste-wise, though.

Yesterday I finished a job in the morning, and stayed in so had no need to put on shoes. I usually wear sock-like slippers to go down to get the mail. The slippers were not in their usual place, on top of a cabinet. Not on the bed either. Maybe I threw them in the hamper. Or the shoe-eating monster ate them.

Today I wanted to go out again. The sandals were nowhere in sight. I looked in all the usual places and under all the usual pieces of furniture. I shined the flashlight into the closet. No shoes! My apartment is pretty big, but it's not THAT big. The shoes have been swallowed up. I dusted off some other sandals which were not that comfortable, which is why they hadn't been worn in so long that they were dusty.

Part of today's excursion was another pizza tasting. Sal and Carmine's on Broadway near 102nd doesn't deliver and is supposed to have good thin crispy crust pizza. As soon as I got the slice (so fresh the pie had just come out of the oven), I remembered I don't really like thin and crispy. I don't like thick Sicilian either, but somewhere in the middle. I had it on-site again for maximum freshness. It was just "eh." I think this study will continue until I determine the best in the neighborhood.

So far, my pizza testing has been on plain slices. My favorite is white pizza (or even better, white with spinach), so I really should be doing that. Maybe next round, after I've tried all the plain pieces.

I looked again and still don't see the sandals. I'm in a shoe crisis. I can't mail-order shoes since I need to walk in them and see how they fit. So I'll be forced to go shopping and get some comfortable shoes.

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