Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Did I say semi-retired?

I took yesterday off (worked on Puzzle Boat - boy, that's hard!), but the next few days are going to be more intense than I'd thought.

Today NYT, and then immediately into a rush job assigned today and due tomorrow. But it's OK, it's cross sums. Next I'll need to do the postponed Uptown due Monday.

Great Neck North class of '70 reunion coming up this weekend, with my sister. My brother-in-law decided to forgo the "Ellen and Linda show" and is taking the boys camping. There is no way anyone in my family would go camping, so this is a good plan.

The children's puzzle book coming 11/18 might have to be returned BEFORE Thanksgiving, but it looks like they'll be flexible if that's impossible.

TiVo is completely filled up (I still haven't just watched - or deleted - all the old WWTBAMs). My library book is a day overdue and I didn't even read it (but I'll pay the fine and renew).

There's a saying, "You want something done? Ask a busy person." Just don't ask me this week.

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