Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Glad THAT'S over

There's always a sense of relief when I finish a job, but there's always more work around the corner.

I had something due today, and wanted to stay up and finish, but couldn't make it and fell asleep at 6:30 a.m. I was awakened by a phone call at 11:30, and then worked through, finished at 3, and arranged for a messenger to come get it.

Now work is light, with Uptown due next Monday and NYT to do weekly as always.

I accepted a job proofreading a children's puzzle book which should come before Thanksgiving. I can't seem to say no! But it should be fun, and a bit different.

I remember the incredible feeling of relief when finishing exams. This first happened in 11th grade, in AP American History. I hadn't done all that well in class (getting 3's on practice exams, and B's on my report card), which was much harder than the social studies I was used to. So I studied for the AP like I had never studied before (and that's saying a lot, since I was very studious). I was on overdrive for that exam - and got one of the few 5's in the class (to the teacher's surprise). I was SO happy to be done with that test.

This scenario repeated itself multiple times in college. We had "reading week" before exams to catch up, and then a week of finals. When the last exam hit the dust, OH it felt good. Then a new semester started and the cycle repeated.

This continued when I was taking actuarial exams at Equitable. You got time off to study, and lived with the material for 6 months. Then WHEW that was done. But soon it was time for the next exam. I never finished the exams (have credit through the old Part 6). I've considered resuming, but don't think I want to go through that torture.

In my job at MetLife, I did 2 medical and 2 dental provider schedule updates a year, meaning 4 evenly spaced intense periods of work, vast relief when the update was done, then work again.

At my recent ex-job, there was constant pressure to stay productive and keep the work moving. Relief came at the end of the season.

Deadline pressure. It never ends. Relief is sweet, but so fleeting.

Retirement sounds very appealing.

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