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Wednesday, October 19, 1969

J mentioned that C was home. I called her immediately. She saw M last weekend and was happier and having long conversations. She's meeting D here for lunch Friday, and I haven't seen him at all. She said she'd see me Xmas if she missed me Friday. After lunch, D is going to [another ivy] with the band and will visit E. A, C says, hasn't been taking drugs, surprisingly, but gets drunk a lot. The party during Xmas vacation will also commemorate R's birthday and will have 250+ people. God.

Time is going amazingly fast. We're going to Canada over Thanksgiving.

Linda overheard H telling N that I was really blah. True, but it hurt.

In the spooky stacks yesterday, a guy G said hi to me as I approached the elevator. Like an idiot, I took the stairs. We said nothing at the book checkout area. I'm really up on my social graces. I realized as I spoke to C that I don't know anyone well enough here to have a crush on. R is very cute and talented but I saw him holding hands with a girl at Barnard.

[Another D from high school] came up to me as I was leaving Butler at the entrance near Carman and started a conversation. He hadn't known I was here, and loves this place. Saw him again in the Bookstore and outside, on Broadway, a little while later. He looked nice in a blue sweater, and when I said Hi gave sort of a nice wink.

I ran into B twice that day in exactly the same place (in front of Furnald). We must be in the same orbit, he said the second encounter. He'll probably visit N soon.

Went to math recitation. That boy in back of me who I like best isn't in my section, though he said he was trying to transfer to it. He makes most of the cracks, like the complaint when the sequel to the Spec McCartney article didn't appear the next day, that he was still on a Magical Mystery Tour without even realizing it.
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