Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Mail/Miami update

I finally went down to get the mail. Sometimes they don't even finish putting it in until close to 6 pm (the neighborly jargon is, "Are they still throwing the mail?"), but today it was just me being late.

The Uptown puzzles I was expecting arrived. That's 5 more to work on.

As did a statement from CIGNA rejecting my claim. I assume this automatically went out before we started trying to fix this over the phone.

Something else from New York Hospital. Oh no, are they billing me already? But it was the mammogram report - normal. I still think I should get a sonogram under my arm, and will remind my doctor.

Train ticket to Pleasantville from Noam.

Package from Barnes & Noble. Yay, CrosSynergy Sundays ("Challenging 30-Minute Crosswords") and Cranium Crushers II! I had tested a few puzzles for Nucky, but doubt I'll remember them. I did the first puzzle (in pencil!): 7:37. I hope I didn't do this one before, but it's possible.

And another book, "Stalking the Puzzle Lady" by Parnell Hall for which I edited the puzzles (by "Murderin' Manny"). I glanced at it, and the dedication reads: "For Ellen, a winner in anyone's book." Wow! At least I think he meant me. Just as exciting as being a character IN a book (along with Trip and Jon, on one page of "Puzzled to Death").

My mother called, and the phone (obviously), power and water are back. Sounds like a harrowing week. She had to throw out a ton of meat and frozen food, but had bottled up some water beforehand, had lots of newly defrosted cake, and was able to make a dent in the vintage cereal and canned food collection.

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