Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

It's 1969 again

Friday, October 24, 1969

[I was one of 2 freshmen in second-year calculus "B" level (between normal and insanely theoretical). There was a freshman section, which we weren't in for some reason.]

A boy sat next to me in math class and talked to me. The math class is really cool and witty - the boys in back of me have no idea what [the teacher] is doing. "My recitation instructor doesn't speak English," one kid remarked a few days ago. S is VERY bright. She somehow acts as a catalyst for the boys often. So CU is getting human. Still haven't seen [various people from high school, or E's cousin D].

I think I'm getting more allegiance to this place. If all classes were like math (kids, that is), it wouldn't be half bad. I also need to get more involved [in activities]. I know how it felt to be "in" on Guide Post.

This wasn't meant to be a complete entry, just a progress report. I'm behind in work, though, so I'd better return to the anthro taxonomy article if I intend to sleep tonight.
Tags: 1969

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