Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Christopher Reeve, Christopher Reeve...

My mantra used to be "Christopher Reeve." As in, "You think YOU have problems? Look what this man copes with." It can still work even though he died.

There's nothing terribly wrong, but today just didn't go well. Little things, little stresses add up.

It started with the Times security guards. I'm considered a permanent freelancer (after 9 years) and have a building pass. When they changed to new cards that open the lobby turnstiles, I was told to keep my old nonelectronic card; the guards all know me and let me through.

Today those same guards waved me over and told me my card was invalid and I need to be signed in. I told them Will works in Westchester and was not available to do so, and if they didn't let me up there would be no puzzles next week. They relented, but I have to get a new card. Digital Media (my official bosses, since I make the online files) faxed over a form, but the card guy is only open 10-11 a.m., so that will be an extra trip.

Once I was safely inside, there were various problems: with the puzzles, with navigating the Crostix software I was using for the first time by myself, with a password not working. I released the Sunday puzzle to the Magazine and THEN found a typo (but got it fixed in time). The work took twice as long as usual. The fluorescent lighting in the bathroom was unkind.

On the positive side, Auntie Anne's was giving out hot pretzel samples on my way in, and again when I left - 6 hours later.

I stopped at C-Town on the way home, and they didn't have the flavor of frozen yogurt I was craving. They didn't have mini-croissants. However, they did have strawberry-kiwi V8 diet Splash and various other good things now in my refrigerator.

At home, I received a book to work on which I should have gotten a few weeks ago. My contract states it must be returned by 10/10, so I'll have to make sure they can't hold me to that and withhold pay (I doubt they can, but I'd like the correct dates on record). Other work is piling up, making for a stressful rest of month.

The hall smelled a little better tonight.

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