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Why do you make something so easy so complicated

The fans are still whirring out in the hall. I was wrong about it smelling better last night. It smells like... Well, not quite like THAT, but not good. The memory of the smell was still strong when I got inside from today's journeys, so I stuffed some old clothes along the bottom of the door to block circulation in, and opened a window a sliver.

I had various goals for today, but spent too much time blog-reading, playing games, and generally not being productive. It's been a "where did the day go?" day.

I was first to claim a hair dryer stand someone on freecycle.com was giving away, so arranged to get it after 6. The woman lives very close to the Town Shop http://townshop.com/, where I've wanted to go for ages to get a bra that really fits. I'm sure I can do better than the slightly small Nana bra I've been wearing (before this, I wore another Nana bra, but the clasps broke. I wore it safety-pinned for a bit, but that's tacky even for me). The store closes at 7, so I could have easily done both.

But somehow I just couldn't go to the store. It's still there, so hope springs eternal. I know I'll feel better putting myself into expert hands.

Walking back home from the bus, I saw the library was still open (Tuesdays they close at 8). I dropped the stand at home, grabbed the library book I'd finished, and went over to return it. I picked up the next book I reserved (I'm gradually reserving books on my want list, which they send over from other branches), took out a novel about film school, and (oh well) bought 3 books from the ongoing book sale for 75 cents total.

At home, I discovered I already have one of the books I bought (a chick lit). It is on 4 wish lists at Paperbackswap.com so I should have no problem trading it away.

I did some research on my new Hair Made dryer stand. My old Conair dryer doesn't seem to fit it well. I couldn't find a clip of the infomercial, but looked at pictures, and tried a few different ways of mounting the dryer. I'm not sure this device will be useful. Also, the height is supposed to adjust but when I pull up the pole, I don't see a way to lock it there. I'll try it for one hairwash, and will donate it to the laundry room table if it's not for me. The price was right (free), and the woman meant well (she didn't need it anymore since she cut her hair short and can now "wash and go").

The day is not over yet. Maybe a flurry of activity lies ahead. More likely, there's always tomorrow. I'll be at the NYT, so I can print the NPL boat puzzles and get moving on that.

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