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The hall carpeting is still damp and squishy, and the hall smells musty and mildewy. Two fans are going nonstop. My neighbor said a pipe burst, nothing to do with the weather. This building is showing its age.

Today I had a mammogram. Double squish. Not that bad, though. There's a lumpy, dimpled area under my right arm that the mammogram doesn't reach, which they sonogrammed last time (almost 2 years ago) and found nothing. It's still that way, but they wouldn't do another sonogram without a new referral, so I have an E-mail in to my doctor.

When I arrived for my appointment at 3:20, a practically hysterical Asian lady was standing by the reception desk, mumbling in broken English and crying. From what I gather, she had arrived an hour late for her appointment yet was upset at being made to wait. She would not sit down, but stood by the desk making everyone else equally crazy. Finally, someone agreed to switch with her, if only to get her out of there. There may have been a bit of a language barrier.

It was crowded and I didn't get out until after 5, but I had People magazine and Oprah on TV to pass the time. Oprah had some heartwarming stories of women who overcame odds, but everyone waiting in the Women's Imaging Center got a little uncomfortable when they talked about diseases.

Afterward, I took the bus across 67th, mailed some books from the post office there, and got a gift at the Barnes & Noble for Saturday's bat mitzvah. This was the immediate neighborhood of ABC. Even though I worked in that building only a few months, we always worked WITH people in that building and the studio is there. It felt a little weird, but I didn't run into anyone I know (unlikely, in any case). I'm at the Times almost every week, in the immediate vicinity of my last actual office, and I never run into anyone around there either.

I just opened the door and checked the hallway, and it seems to smell a little better. This is nothing compared to New Orleans, I'm sure.

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