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More puzzle books

This past year, I've been negligent about blogging and only reported what puzzle books were completed. With Lollapuzzoola coming next weekend, now's a good time to list some more:

Ray Hamel, Scratch & Solve Encyclopaedia Britannica Arts & Science Trivia - multiple choice general trivia. The questions were solid, though the silver shavings were annoying (just brushed one off the iPad). 5000 points makes you a trivia expert, and I squeaked by with 5060 (the book sat there done for months before I got around to adding the score).

Frank Longo, Ninja Sudoku 2 - I don't mind sudoku (never do KenKen) even though I don't know what I'm doing. This book was given to me when I was visiting Sterling a while ago, and it's actually the French edition. It was sitting on my dining room table and took a while to get finished.


I adore kakuro (cross sums), but there is not much to say about it. I could probably do the same puzzles over and over and not notice. I keep track of my books on Library Thing, so do know what I've done before. I finished:

Alastair Chisholm, The Kakuro Challenge 1 - smallish and easyish
Alastair Chisholm, The Kakuro Challenge 2 - more of the same
Conceptis, Absolutely Nasty® Kakuro Level One - I devoured this book!
Conceptis, Absolutely Nasty® Kakuro Level Two - a little more difficult than level one.
Conceptis, Absolutely Nasty® Kakuro Level Three - now they're getting nasty.


Ben Tausig (ed.), Twenty Under Thirty - not technically a book, but a set of 20 puzzles from the younger generation. I don't know or care why most of the constructors are guys. High quality, check it out at /http://www.20under30.com/

Henry Hook (ed.), Wordsmith Crosswords 1 - Apparently this was the only volume in the series, which is too bad since this is a great collection with puzzles by Hook and other quality constructors. It's now going for high prices, so I'm glad I bought it in 1987.

Matt Gaffney, The Brain Works 20-Minute On-the-Road Traveling Crossword Puzzles - quick and easy

John Samson (ed.), Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book #6
John Samson (ed.), Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book #7 - plowing through these slowly. I don't see anything
past #13, but I still have 3 more volumes to do.

Tyler Hinman, Winner's Circle Crosswords: Puzzles From a Five-Time Champion - Tyler solves AND constructs. These 13x13 puzzles were mostly from his school publications (so new to most of us), and were a nice workout. The tricky puzzle on page 63 looks like a war zone; not a good idea to do it in pen.

Peter Gordon (ed.), 100 Years, 100 Crosswords: Celebrating the Crossword's Centennial - The crossword was born a few days after my father in December, 1913. My father made it to exactly 90 (died on his birthday!) and crosswords are still going strong. This collection contains all-new puzzles related to each era. Very nice.

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