Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Books I never finished reading

I need to remember that it's OK to abandon a book. I tend to read on and on, hoping (usually in vain) it will get better. Recently, I didn't finish the following books:

"Circles" by Abigail McCarthy - The wife of Senator Eugene wrote this 1977 novel about Washington. The language seemed stiff, and I gave up after 32 pages.

"Ask Again Later" by Jill A. Davis - This may be a perfectly good book, but when the narrator's mother got sick, I had to stop reading (my mother died last year).

"Hollywood Savage" by Kristin McCloy - Usually I like novels about Hollywood, but couldn't get into this one. The pace was slow and the diary format, with clipped language, was off-putting. Miles is stranded in Hollywood working on a script, thinking his wife back in New York is having an affair. He meets a woman who seems intriguing, but I don't know (or care) what happened because I stopped on p. 44.

"Person of Interest" by Theresa Schwegel - I haven't watched the TV show of the same name, but based on its description, don't think it's related to this book. I wasn't riveted by this story of an undercover Chicago cop, his wife and teenage daughter, and stopped after 70 pages.

"The Rhinestone Sisterhood" by David Valdes Greenwood - I read 172 pages of this nonfiction look at beauty queens in small-town Louisiana, but just wasn't invested in these people or their activities. As an urban nerd, maybe I'm not the best audience for this book.

"Great Books" by David Denby - Film critic David Denby re-takes the Columbia College core courses 30 years later. I did finish this book, but skimmed over the discussion of the actual literature, which was just too intellectual for me. Yeah, I'm shallow. Since I went to Barnard, I did enjoy the glimpses of life at Columbia. I'm giving this book to my nephew, who is bound for U. of Chicago which has a similar core.

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