Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Might as well finish the old diary

The entries in the childhood diary got very sparse. Sometimes I wrote "Dear Diary" at the top with no entry, and there are lots of blank pages.

4/1/60: Today is April Fools day. I April fooled mommy. I told her her dress was torn. Evelyn [housekeeper] April fooled me. She called me up. I made some magazines. They were the "Calling All's." Like, "Calling All Linda's."

4/4: We had our carpet delivered.

4/5: Our carpet was put down. Nana came back from her cruise. She went to Nassau, Kingston, Jamacia, and Curaco.

4/29: I went to brownies today. We're doing a play called the Seven Plea's. It's done in pantomime. Then we went outside. My friends and I wanted to get some balls so we went inside but the door to the place where the balls were was locked, but B found a secret entrance so we got the balls and went outside, but then our brownie leader told us to put our balls back because the costodian found out. [what a sentence!] But then some boys bothered us and they almost saw B's underpants.

4/30: We took our bikes outside for the first time.

5/5: I got a haircut.

6/23: Today is the day before the last day of school. Today I brought home my folder, my crayons, and my notebook.

10/22: Today I had a piano lesson. The songs I had were [songs]. Linda and I thougt we saw a kidnapper, but now I doubt it [!!]. A and her friends tried to capture us, but we got away. I played Chienese Jump Rope with S and I got up to Frontsy. We were going to make Halloween pictures, but we didn't make them, because we couldn't find paint.

10/23: S came over today. We played Chienese [same wrong spelling as above] Jump Rope and Hopscotch and Star Reporter and Dear Diary. You played that with a ball and bounce it.

10/24: I have a cold so I can't go to school today. I'm watching T.V. now and I'm watching a show called Fun at One. I think it's a very babyish show, but there's nothing else good on so I have to watch it.

11/17: Mommy came to school today to see me work. She saw Spelling Test, Book Reports, Newstime Reports, Music, Gym, and that's all. Then I went to a birthday party. It was L's party. Her Aunt Cookie was there. She is a stage entertainer. She taught us how to Cha-Cha. Then, everybody had to speak or sing alone into the microphone. I told a joke. We had spagetti & meatballs for dinner. The present I gave her was "Foto Fun." Her Aunt Cookie did the Cha-Cha and the Mambo for us.

12/31: Tonight Felice is sleeping over at our house, by the way Linda and I are on a diet. We have one speical treat day a week.

1/31/61: Today was my brownie (59!) troops talent show. I played the piano. I played Theme from No. 3 and J announced it "Theme from Loberstreen." I also played A little polish dance. The piano was a little out of tune.

2/1: There is a terrible snowstorm going on now. It was 2 below zero yesterday at dawn. I am sick right now.

2/23: Today we're having our winter vacation and went to see a movie called 101 Dalmations. It was in color. We came back at 9:30. I had matzoh and orange juice for a snack. Right now it's 10 to 10. I had dinner in a diner called The Frontier [in Glen Cove]. I had roast beef, peas, spinach leaves, and red jellow. Daddy & Mommy didn't want their peas, so I ate their peas. Linda & Daddy had hamburgers (charcoal broiled), Mommy had pork chops in tomato sauce. Linda and mommy had cheese cake for dessert. We all had salad with a good dressing on it. The movie was in the Cove. It took place in London.

3/7:  Today I didn't go to school. I went to the lab on Middle Neck Rd. to get a blood test. It was a different kind of needle that looked like tinfoil. Since I didn't talk or scream when I had the test so mommy gave me the choice of a Barby Game or a charge account game. Daddy left both games in his car but he came home at 5:00. I chose the Barby Game. I will get the charge account game for my birthday. Both games were supposed to be for my birthday.

12/1: Today we went to the photographers to have our picture taken. His name is Henri Millaire. Today we had music. We didn't have assembly because the 6th graders are rehearsing for the Christmas Program. [I think this is the picture:]

12/2: Today S came over. We rehearsed book club reports. We also made posters. I started Maida's Little Shop for about the 20th time, it seems. We all saw Huckleberry Finn on T.V. today. Right now it is 10:00 P.M. and Dance Party was just over. For our snacks we had frozen vanilla Metrical.

12/3: Right now Mommy & Daddy are at a formal. The Formal is at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. It is for the hospital. Right now it is 9:20 P.M. We are watching the Groucho Marks show. There is a man there who weighs 387 pounds. He comes from Sweden and Groucho keeps thinking he is from Japan. The real estate section was not very good today. [I used to cut out house plans for "Fingertown"] Today we found out that the Herald Tribune comics are in black and white. The secret word on Groucho Marks show is "Chair." No one has said it yet. For snack I had Vanilla Cherry, Lemon Chiffon, and Chocolate. Linda had the same snack as me, except instead of lemon she had Coffee. [Metricals?] 

5/1/62: Today we had our big cleanup for our room. L lent me more comic books. I don't really think it is fair or honest, but it isn't too illegal. [Huh? Did I think everyone should buy their own comic books?] We had language in the Iowa tests today. P.S. I got a new American Girl [magazine] today (May, 1962).

12/27: I had a piano lesson today. [lists songs] Christmas was Tuesday. I got Golferino, a bike, a sweater, a beauty parlor doll, "pjs" (pajamas), a toilet paper holder, $4, and a perfume kit. I gave Aunt Pauline & Uncle Mack My son, the folk singer. Mommy, a ribbon basket for candy, Daddy, a pencil holder. Nana, a tray. Papa, a pen & pencil set (pink!). Linda, two Barbie dresses, and Evelyn, a powder jar. It is 3:00.

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