Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

More from Little En, 1960

2/1/60: We got sterio

2/4: Mommy went to a concert

2/5: N came over today.

2/10: I went to M's house for lunch.

2/11: I went to the dentist and to M's for lunch.

2/16: L came over.

2/19: Mommy had a dance lesson in our house.

2/26: L slept over tonight. She made a fortune teller for us.

2/27:  Felice (our cousin) slept over.

2/28: I ate dinner at Nana's house today.

2/29: I went to the eye docter. I have to wear glasses. And I went to have them fitted.

3/1: I ate lunch at I's house.

3/2: We went to M's house.

3/3: We had a bad snow storm. [research shows NYC got 14.5"]

3/4: I got glasses

3/6: I ate lunch out.

3/7: I had library today. I only took out one book. It was called Henry Huggins.

3/8:  Today I went to S's house.

3/9:  Linda can be a brownie.

3/10: I went to get more glasses.

3/13: I ate dinner at Nana's house.

3/14: The light's blew out for a hour and a half.

3/15: I saw a movie in school

3/16: I had half a day in school

3/17: A lady from the girl scout house called and said I could be a brownie in troop 59. Meetings are on Friday.

3/18: I had brownies today. We made tamborines. Brownie dues are 10 cents.

3/20: I went to J's birthday party today.

3/23: Mommy had a conference with Miss Salami, the speech teacher.

3/24: Mommy had a conference with my teacher, Miss McCann. P.S. I got a good report.

3/25: Nana went on a cruise today. We went to see her off, that is we see the ship. It was a lot of fun. The ship was called "Nieuw (New) Amsterdam."

3/28: I went to E's birthday party today. A lot of my friends were there. [this is my next-door neighbor E]

3/29: It's my Aunt Pauline and my cousin Felice's birthday. Felice is twelve years old. I don't know how old Aunt Pauline is.

3/31: I got the chickenpox today.

[omitted more piano lessons and library]

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