Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Beatlemania, 1964

I have a "Math Notebook" from 7th grade where not much math was getting done. I loved Mr. Grosso's class and did well, but much of the notebook is devoted to doodles (I was not a great artist and could only draw girls' heads) and Beatlemania.

In case you can't see, within their faces it says "I Love Paul," "George is Eh," "I like Ringo" and "I hate John." Sorry, George and John. Note "Love to Lovey" in the Paul section, an homage to the alleged autograph.

I also wrote a composition about Paul, just for myself and not for school. Given recent behavior around Paul, there's still a lot of the silly 12-year-old in me.

Tags: paul mccartney

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