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The Way-Way-Way-Back Machine

My 1969 diary was not the first one I ever kept. I found a shiny gold diary from 1960-62. It's mostly January-April 1960 when I was 7-8 years old, so it's pretty simple. Mostly, I went to the library and took out x books, or had a piano lesson and studied y pieces. The entries all say "Dear Diary" and "Love, Ellen" and are in pencil, usually printed but sometimes in script. Here are some excerpts (will initial most names, did not correct spelling) [current comments in brackets]:

1/1: I had a very Happy New Year. A lot of our relatives came over, and on Christmas we got bikes and we're riding them today. [We were Jewish but usually exchanged presents on Christmas, since it was easier to get the family together.]

1/4: School vacation is over and I went back to school. I had fun at school. I had Library today and I took out [books]. I got a haircut.

1/5: I went to school again today and my class saw a movie called Air Around Us. I do have a lot of enemies, their names are [9 boys and 1 girl], That Boy and that's all. Linda is partly an enemy [Oy. Sorry, sis!]. My class did some air experiments, here is one of them. You take a glass, put a tissue in it so it won't fall out. Then turn it upside down and put it in water, then when you take it out it'll be dry.

1/6: I did something funny today, but after a while I thought I shouldn't have done that. I took some of Kathy's things (Kathy is a girl in my class). I took her dictionary work and her pencil. [Sorry, Kathy, what was I thinking?!] In class we learned some script letters, they were a & n. I had speech and gym today. We played a game called Kick It and Run in gym. I made a home run.

1/7: Kathy found out about the dictionary papers but not about the pencil. I saw a movie called Air is All Around Us [different than Air Around Us?]. It was very good. I watched a lot of good programs on telivision. I ate lunch at school today and I sat next to B and L at table number four.

1/8: I had an exciting day today. In school I learned two more letters in script, they were c & m. Kathy found out about the pencil. I signed my name in Kathy's brownie autograph book.

[I found this note, which I must have not sent:]

1/9/60: Today is Nana's birthday. Nana went on Dance Party last night. Dance Party is a show on channel 13. M came over.

1/10: I played house up in the playing room. I went to Nana's house and ate dinner there.

1/11: Mommy went to the Girl Scout House today to register us as brownies. Linda might be one, but they don't know about me. I went bicycle riding today. I watched Telivision too.

1/14: I had Music in school today. At night, I went out to dinner. I saw a movie too. It was called Gigi. After that, I went to Steffens and had a snack.

1/15: I made (my class made) a telephone and my class got their first call today. [no idea how we did this]

1/16: I ate dinner at a friend's house. Her name was M. Then I went to sleep over with my sister Linda at Nana's house. Nana is our grandmother. I had a good time.

1/17: I went to my Aunt Marion's house. I watched my cousin Arthur play his French horn while my Aunt Rhoda played the piano to his song.

1/19: I had a very big splinter. Daddy didn't take it out yet.

1/21: I went over to L's (a girl in my class) house. We played house and she was playing with her doll while I read her brownie handbook.

1/22: S (a girl in my class) came over. We watched T.V.

1/24: I went ice skating with Daddy and Linda. Aunt Helen came.

1/26: L came. We played with dolls.

1/27: I went ice skating with D. I had fun.

1/29: I went to R's birthday party. [R was one of the boys listed as an enemy above.]

1/30: Nana Birdie came here. I had a piano lesson. The names of the songs were [songs].

1/31: Nothing special happened today. [There were increasingly more entries like this, to the point I just wrote "N.H." for nothing happened.]
* * *
That's enough for now. I omitted a few more library trips and piano lessons.

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