Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Not completely hunky-dory

While we were waiting for the windows, my neighbor mentioned a laptop was stolen from someone during installation. They think it might have been an opportunist who walked in amid the hubbub. I immediately worried about my laptop, which was hidden in a sealed area, but it was still there when I returned. To get it, someone would have to not only break the plastic wall but move a lot of stuff to find it (I'm being purposely vague about where it was hidden). Or maybe they did find it and put it back since it's 7 years old and hardly state-of-the-art.

While the laptop appeared to be untouched, last night I noticed that the one thing in the entire apartment that wasn't sheathed in plastic was gone: some bells hanging from the front doorknob (which would jangle if anyone tried to come in). They are not costly, but have sentimental value - now-deceased NPLer Twisto got them in China and gave them to me on my 40th birthday. As mentioned earlier, I'm also pretty sure the workers opened the seal to use the bathroom, but the Beatles box sets I threw under a chair in that hallway are still there (and hopefully so are the contents of two Miami boxes of clothes I haven't yet gone through, atop that chair - I can't see anyone wanting that stuff, but the bells aren't pricy so who knows). I put some jangly plastic beads on the doorknob and ordered new bells, just to have some continuity.

On Monday night I removed all the taped plastic tents, so while the plasterer was there Tuesday, everything was out in the open except for electronic items encased in loose plastic. However, I didn't notice anything else gone. Yesterday afternoon after he left I was lying contentedly on the still-bare (until the job is complete and I move some furniture back) tract of rug near the window with the sun streaming in, when I realized my skirt was wet. A patch of rug under me was soaking wet (apparently with water). Nothing was dripping from above (though when I got up on a chair and touched the ceiling it left a line of dust, so I'll have to sweep the ceiling and walls). I lifted the rug up and a spot of wood floor underneath was also wet, but this was probably from the rug. I wiped the floor dry and left a bowl there just in case, but everything was dry this morning. So hopefully the plasterer just spilled some water.

Luckily these aren't huge hassles. I'm still nervous that more could be missing, and am kicking myself for not being there to watch (though if it happened Monday, I would have hated being present during the very noisy and dusty work). I'm the type of person who doesn't leave my pocketbook unattended for a second, and double-locks the door to take the garbage down the hall. (Note to potential burglars: I'm just being paranoid; my possessions aren't particularly valuable unless you're into chick-lit books, semi-old magazines, and Nana clothes.)

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