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Windows and books, story of my life

Today would have been Mommy's 83rd birthday (moment of silence).

In preparation for Monday's window installation (which generates massive dust), I've been busy taping plastic sheets from floor to ceiling with blue painter's tape (harder than I thought - the drop cloths are the consistency of saran wrap, the tape keeps sticking to itself, and it's hard to work on the ceiling from a precarious stepstool). I've done almost all the bookcases and part of the large living room area I want to block off. As I walk by the rustling plastic, I yell, "Stay up!" since I don't think I did a great job. I need to find the porter tomorrow to make sure I'm on the right track, and have given the workers enough room.

Can't do the bedroom until the last minute since I need to live here, so I'll have to get up around 3 am to finish (they come at 7:30), when I'm usually not even asleep yet. Ugh. Or maybe I should sleep in the bathtub? Plus they ran out of brown paper to cover the windows (supplies were supposed to be available all weekend), and since they removed the blinds Wednesday you can see right in (I'm on a low floor). I taped a blanket to the bedroom window and a towel to the living room.

Small plus - they unstuck my bedroom closet door (also Wednesday) so I can now close it, and just need to throw some tape over the edges to seal it (after removing any clothes I plan to wear). I have a list of 21 things to do before Monday (down from 26, so I've done a little). Not to mention all the moving around of stuff already done in the recent past.

Still haven't removed the books from the couch and turned it on its side (it better stay up, too!). Probably won't blog about all of those books (which I've divided into 7 groups) this weekend so some will end up temporarily under the bed. I've already sealed off the shelf where I store books to trade away, but there's room on a rolling cart for books I'm keeping so I'll talk about some of those:

"Tan Lines" by J.J. Salem - A decadent rock star, feminist commentator, and actress (really sugar daddy's mistress) share a place in the Hamptons and... things happen. Unabashedly trashy, and I loved it. The author's next book was supposed to be "Bikini Wax" but he just came out with "The Strip," so I'm not sure if the title changed.

"Save As Draft" by Cavanaugh Lee - Told entirely in e-mails, text messages and other electronic communication, this novel traces the life and loves of a young lawyer. Lightning fast read.

"Courting Kathleen Hannigan" by Mary Hutchings Reed - Another lawyer. The more I read about the practice of law, the more I know I'd hate to be a lawyer. That doesn't stop me from loving books like this, about office politics, trials (groan) and tribulations.

"The Manny" by Holly Peterson - You tell a story about rich Manhattanites, I'm there.  In this one, a high-powered news producer thinks her son needs more male guidance (husband is distracted with his own career) and hires a "manny" who happens to be gorgeous, sensitive, and about to take off with his own high-tech company. You can guess what happens. Pretty good. I had the U.K. edition, so the language was almost quaint.

"When Harry Hit Hollywood" by Mara Goodman-Davies - Rich people in Hollywood, another favorite topic of mine. Notorious billionaire bachelor Harry marries Jessica (no pauper herself), and creates a stir. I read this a while ago and don't remember much of the plot, but I liked it enough to want to read the previous book about these characters.

"The Hole We're In" by Gabrielle Zevin - I saw Zevin's movie "Conversations With Other Women" and heard the author herself during Spirit Awards season a few years ago. This novel is about the Pomeroy family, who struggle to make ends meet. I liked the beginning segment on the family's crazy debt more than the end focusing on the Iraq War-vet daughter.

"Lost and Found" by Carolyn Parkhurst - Pairs compete on a reality show much like "The Amazing Race." I like the real show and this was just as much fun.

"Little Pink Slips" by Sally Koslow - A magazine gets taken over by an eccentric celebrity and mayhem ensues. The author was formerly editor-in-chief at McCall's, which was renamed Rosie after new boss Rosie O'Donnell... but this may be purely coincidental.

"The Spellman Files" by Lisa Lutz - The Spellmans are a quirky family of San Francisco private investigators. The characters are funny, original, and not always angels. Looking forward to other books in this series.

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