Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Gradually moving the books off the table near the window

My building got new windows 20 years ago, but these have proved unsatisfactory. It's drafty in cold weather, and people have reported water leaks. One of my windows had a part peel off last year, and it broke again after being fixed. The guy came once more and used some sort of super-glue. I was supposed to leave it alone for a few days but was so scared it would break that I haven't touched it all year.

This problem is moot since they're replacing all the windows. This has been going on since July, and mine are scheduled in about a month. I remember no inconvenience the last time, but this time we're asked to move things away from the window area, and cover everything else. There's a long memo detailing what we have to do; it's a total pain. I'm dreading it (not to mention that I'll be without window coverings for several days and might have to live my life in the bathroom since I'm on a low floor and the other rooms can be seen from outside), and have started moving things off the couch under the window which I'll have to turn on its side against the wall since there's nowhere to move it. Miles to go...

The computer is near the window, and I'm not sure if just covering it is enough, or I'll have to move it (running the risk of not being able to hook it up again). Next to the computer under the window is a table piled with books I've read that need to be blogged. So I need to get caught up on blogging (though I guess I could put the books elsewhere). I like to group them in some way, and this entry's theme will be: disappointing books from authors I've previously enjoyed.

"Guilty Pleasures" by Lawrence Sanders - I've liked many of Sanders' mysteries but this book about a rich, decadent Florida family had no mystery and little action. An incest subplot was particularly icky.

"Queenan Country" by Joe Queenan - Joe Queenan is a very funny guy and I especially like his writings on movies. This British travelogue left me cold, possibly because I'm not that interested in England. After the lead-off story of a Liverpool cabdriver who claimed intimate knowledge of the Beatles, I lost interest and gave up after 56 pages.

"The Man of my Dreams" by Curtis Sittenfeld - I loved the author's "Prep" so much I got it in hardcover after reading the paperback. This will be traded away. I wasn't enthralled with protagonist Hannah's coming of age tale, which seemed to go on and on in its angst.

"Don't Make a Scene" by Valerie Block - I loved the author's "None of Your Business" so much that I got another copy after lending mine out. This one, not so much. Diane programs a Village revival house cinema and has apartment problems and man problems. One relationship was especially distasteful.

"Chasing Harry Winston" by Lauren Weisberger - I liked "The Devil Wears Prada" but this was just eh. The heroines are fabulous and gorgeous, but I kept getting these 3 BFFs confused with characters in another book I was reading simultaneously.

"Some Nerve" by Jane Heller - The coincidence that dominates this story is ridiculous. It's revealed in the book jacket, but I won't spoil. A celebrity journalist in LA loses a big story and is banished back home to Middletown, where (gasp)... no, I won't spoil it. Didn't buy a word of it.

"Queen Takes King" by Gigi Levangie Grazer - Some of Grazer's books are better than others, and this is one of the others. Power couple (literally named Power) starts divorce proceedings when husband Jacks' (short for Jackson) affair with a hot newscaster is exposed. Some of the ensuing events are just icky.

"Certain Girls" by Jennifer Weiner - This eagerly awaited sequel to "Good in Bed" was a bit disappointing, though I'll keep it in my collection. Daughter Joy, born at the end of the first book, is now approaching her bat mitzvah and is one of the more annoying tweens on the planet. A wrenching plot twist near the end added to my discomfort. Still, I'll read anything Jennifer Weiner writes.

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