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Musical summer

Here are some high-quality videos from a YouTuber seemingly onstage at the Montreal Paul McCartney concert. I vaguely considered visiting my cousins there and taking in more Paul, but plans never progressed beyond the vaguely considering. Paul did change the set list a bit, including "Michelle" for the French contingent.

Last night, I did a reprise with fake Beatles in "Rain" for a happy-making experience. They played some of the same songs as the real Paul and I felt nostalgic. I ordered 2 tickets and intended to bring one of my Paul concert companions, but that didn't work out (neither did an invite on Facebook) so I canceled the second ticket and went alone. This didn't matter since the audience was friendly and into it. Even the 70+ woman next to me stood and shook her booty. They played ads of the '60s, including one for stockings packaged in detergent (with the size on the box). We na-na-na-na'ed just like with the real Paul. Just as in life, the fake George and fake Ringo got little spotlight time.

*warning Level 42 esoterica* The first night I was watching Paul, my faves Level 42 were at a festival in Duren, Germany (compilation video). Mostly the stuff they always play, but with a few slightly different arrangements (e.g., beginning of "Love Games"). The big news is the addition of "All Over You" to the set list. This is a newish (1994) song not played live (on YouTube anyway) since 2001. I would love to hear it live, if they ever come to the US again. Other big news, duly noted by the ladies on the fan boards, is that Mark King has slimmed down and is rocking the leather pants. Quite a contrast to how he looked 2 years ago. *end of Level 42 esoterica*

Last year, I ate and ran at a gathering at Ollie's the day of the Level 42 concert. This year, we again convened at the Lincoln Center Ollie's (in honor of visitor J) and it was the same day as an Earth, Wind & Fire concert a few blocks up at the Beacon. They were also playing the following day, so I didn't get a ticket and played it by ear. We did finish in time for me to catch the concert, but I lingered while people got gelati. I walked past the Beacon and people were still outside around 8:20, and I might have not missed much but I kept walking and didn't try to get a ticket for either night. Once home, I checked online and decided to buy a lower balcony aisle seat for the second night. Best available expensive seat was in row Y, so this was likely to have a better view at less cost.

The next day, the Beacon marquee proclaimed the concert was sold out, so I'm glad I bought when I did (though could have saved service fees by going in person). The seat did have a nice view of the stage (didn't need the binoculars). The people next to me had come all the way from Virginia; EWF played in their area but sold out before they could get tickets, so they decided to spend a long weekend here (the woman was originally from LI). While I was talking to these people, I had no idea that my childhood neighbor who I haven't seen in at least 40 years was sitting one row down and a few seats over (three guesses how I later found this out).

There was no opening act, and EWF came out strong with "Boogie Wonderland." I didn't need my earplugs. They did hit after hit (can't find set list but it was something like this). There were a ton of people onstage, but only 3 are original members (falsetto-voiced singer Philip Bailey, Ralph Johnson, and the dudiest dude of dudedom Verdine White). All the musicians were top-notch, and they also do dance steps. They acknowledged founding member (and Verdine's brother) Maurice White, who has been sidelined due to illness. *oh wait, more Level 42 stuff* There's even a Level 42 connection - Verdine and another EWF member Larry Dunn produced Level 42's 1983 album "Standing in the Light" *end of Level 42 stuff* Fabulous concert. I couldn't find videos of my concert, but here are some good ones from Danbury a few days later (Verdine's the dude in... oh, you'll be able to figure it out). If you don't want to dance during "Shining Star," you don't have legs.

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