Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

So long, Visual Bookshelf

I was going to do a book review update here, which requires updating my book catalog files. Discovered that Visual Bookshelf (part of Living Social on Facebook) is being discontinued. It was down for several days recently, so that must have been a warning sign. They recommended Goodreads, so I attempted to export from VB. That timed out, so I tried exporting from Library Thing. It said to check back in half an hour, but I have a feeling it'll be longer. Someone on FB said Goodreads took 36 hours (!) to process her list; don't know how it compares to my 2800+ books. I also have a catalog on BookCrossing but that's more for books I'll possibly be trading, so, for example, no puzzle books are cataloged.

Once the import completes, I'll probably have to do some editing. If ratings/reviews don't come over, I'll probably do without, but I will need my "read" (meaning "have read") and other tags. This will probably be a pain, but it's better than losing data altogether (which is why I have multiple back-ups).

Speaking of export/import, my last LJ entry (movie reviews) from 9 hours ago hasn't come over to Facebook. I accidentally posted it before I was ready, and then edited it multiple times so maybe that caused a problem.


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