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Fast but no company

I was brought up reform secular Jewish. We didn't belong to a temple, but sometimes went with my aunt to reform services at Temple Beth-El. My father's grandfather was a lay rabbi among the Jewish pioneers in Winnipeg (he wasn't ordained but performed services before they had a real rabbi), but the religiousness got lost along the way.

Still, even if we rarely went to synagogue, my father fasted every Yom Kippur. I knew this was not a holiday to be taken lightly. I never go to work (or even work at home) on that day. It just seems wrong. I'm not consistent about fasting but I do it more often than not. One year at MetLife, we had a luncheon at America (restaurant) for someone leaving. I had a very heavy tortellini dish, and was so full I continued to not eat that evening, which happened to be Yom Kippur. I still felt full the next day so was able to fast easily.

This year, I ate before 6 and managed to fast through Wednesday evening despite a few trips to the kitchen to open the refrigerator, stare at the food inside, and then close the door. The next day, I found lots to do to keep my mind off food, including sewing a button on a dress I hadn't worn in about 10 years because the top button was off (I had safety-pinned the fallen button to the dress, so it was just a matter of getting out the needle and thread and sewing. I hate sewing). I finished James Brady's "Further Lane" (mystery set in the Hamptons - eh) and started Jane Fonda's autobiography. The day went by and I didn't think about food every 2 seconds until late in the afternoon.

Finally, about 5:45 I started cooking dinner. Although sundown was a little later, I figured 24 hours was good enough. I made zucchini, peppers, carrots and pasta with melted cheese. While waiting for it to cook, I had a container of cottage cheese, garlic bread saved from Italian take-out, a pear, and a No Pudge giant fudgy bar. Then I had the casserole and more fudge bars. This was an entire day's food all at once, and I didn't feel great afterward.

I had been invited to my cousins in Great Neck to break the fast, but had to decline since Will was due back from Europe and the puzzles had to be tested and sent out Thursday night. It turns out I could have gone, since the puzzles weren't ready until 9 pm. We did the Sunday last week, so this was just the dailies. Still, it was pressured. At least I could work from home, since I have Quark on the iBook.

The computer guy Ralph had problems with the files I sent from the iBook, asking if I could use Stuffit instead of zip which AOL's mailer defaulted to. However, when I opened DropStuff it gave an error message saying I needed the Stuffit engine (but I did have Stuffit). Finally, I forwarded Will's original files and then sent the one file with a correction separately (and told him what the correction was in case he wanted to make it himself). Ralph still had to do something to the file in order to read it, but we finished by midnight. I might need to re-install Stuffit. I'll have to check it out further (Joe - HELP!).

Today I finished Dori Carter's "Beautiful Wasps Having Sex" which is about none of the above, but is a novel about evil Hollywood. Loved it. The author is married to Chris Carter, and was formerly married to Frank Pierson. Next up: Alex Witchel's (married to Frank Rich) "Me Times Three" (and I'm still plodding through Jane Fonda).

I feel a sense of new year, fresh start, but part of that is the new school year feeling that lingers on even though I haven't been in school in 30 years. Meanwhile, I still haven't finished the to-do list from earlier this week.

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