Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I do puzzles

I do a lot of crosswords, but do books of other word puzzles as well:

"Double-Doku" by Patrick Blindauer - It's been a while since I did sudoku, so I've forgotten all the tricks (not that I ever knew ALL the tricks). This was a nice combination of acrostic-like puzzles leading to alphabetic sudokus with hidden words.

"People Celebrity Puzzler Extra" (with Puzzle Master Patrick Merrell) had celebrity-based crosswords, word searches, arrow-words (pencil pointers), second look (guess the difference in the pictures), acrostics, and criss-crosses. I hate to leave things incomplete (even did the word searches), but skipped the second looks.

"Adventures in Puzzling: Multi-Puzzle Extravaganzas for the Brave, Bold & Bright" by Patrick Berry - These puzzles are a world unto themselves, like nothing else out there. I haven't technically finished. There are some puzzle types (visual, logic, cards, mazes) I can't really do, so I've done all I can and put the book aside. That doesn't take away from its awesomeness.

Speaking of Patrick Berry, I had an extra copy of "Puzzle Masterpieces" not written in, and realized I didn't need to gaze at the blank puzzles so offered it on Paperback Swap. Someone requested it, and turned out it was a puzzle person I know. That someone was Ray Hamel, whose "Encyclopaedia Britannica Crosswords" I recently solved. In fact, I finished the book in one day. That's not to say the puzzles are that easy; I'm just compulsive. (This and all the following books are crosswords-only.)

Also falling quickly was David Kahn's "The Grid Reaper." These puzzles commemorate people no longer with us, and include 13's and 17's as well as 15's. The book's not due out until September, but Patrick Blindauer was nice enough to give me an advance copy (in return for a favor involving Lollapuzzoola), which I finished within days of receiving it.

Simon & Schuster does not get ignored in the En household. I finished S&S's "Super Crossword Book: Series 13" (ed. Eugene Maleska and John Samson) at some point before the ACPT. These are reprints from unspecified out-of-print books so I have no idea if I've already done some. At this point, I don't remember yesterday's puzzle so it's all good.

"Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book #10" (ed. John Samson) has something found nowhere else - a crossword with my byline! Puzzle #27, "Bacchanalian Filmfest," came out of a riff on a Lollapuzzoola 2 entry I was discussing with Joon Pahk, and soon Joon made a puzzle to go with it (I did the initial cluing). I'm not really interested in constructing so this may be my first and only time on the other side. I received this volume Monday of ACPT week, and by the end of the weekend (including between rounds) had done 200 puzzles. That's training. I finished the book about a week later, which is fast for me on an S&S Mega.

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