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I was a little worried about Paul (McCartney - what other Paul is there?) last December. My sister alerted me that his voice sounded shot on SNL. I watched it and he was not at his best. Not quite as terrible as I feared, but still. Internet posters claimed SNL has notoriously bad sound and the performers can't hear themselves - or that he was ill. His Apollo concert a few days later (which I heard on Sirius - I had entered the contest to attend, but my invite must have been lost in the mail :0) was better, actually a lot better, but not perfect. He's getting older, he can't always be phenomenal. I dunno.

I haven't watched recent concert YouTubes so don't know how he's been sounding lately. But when I got an e-mail that he was coming to Yankee Stadium in July, any doubts flew out the window. Of COURSE I'm going! There was a presale through Paul's site that day. N who I'd gone with before was not yet awake, but A was online and willing to go (he hadn't gone last time and regretted it after we constantly raved about how good it was). After much difficulty (best available is what? Let's try again), I managed to get 2 single seats (not together) in section A3 at top dollar. I had a third in the shopping cart at one point, but N woke up and decided he couldn't top his previous experiences (he'd also seen Paul open a new arena in Pittsburgh last year), so I let it lapse (had an e-mail in to someone else who later replied she didn't want to go; I probably could have found a taker but at those prices I didn't want to be stuck). Two tickets bought!

Minutes later I got an automatic phone call from my credit card company saying they'd declined the charge due to possible fraud, and to contact the seller. Nooooooo!! Do you know how hard it was for me to get those tickets? I called the credit card company. They'd flagged the charge because it was a Web purchase to the UK. I explained it was legit, and they assured me the charge was now going through. It's now listed as being paid, so I certainly hope so. The tickets are being sent physically so I won't feel assured until they arrive.

Meanwhile, the Web presale sold out, not only my desired section but higher-up ones. I had section B floor seats last time, but now really wanted the closer-in A. I followed the LiveNation presale the next day, and the official sale a few days later, and nothing nearly as good as my seats came available. In fact, the stadium sold out the morning of the regular sale, and they added another concert for the following day. There's lots available on StubHub, but right now they're at a premium, so I'm very happy with my face value arm-and-leg cost. Plus, the day I bought the tickets I billed a freelance client for almost that exact amount.

Paul also announced concerts in Chicago, Detroit and Cincinnati so if you're in any of these places, GO!! Hopefully he's back in good form and this will be the best concert you've ever seen (as it was for me).

The other best concert I ever saw, as you've heard ad infinitum, was Level 42 at the Nokia in their first U.S. tour since 1987, almost exactly a year after Paul. They claimed they're coming back this year, but so far no indication of this - just Europe and the Far East (there's a large fan base in Indonesia). Besides wearing out Rhapsody and YouTube, I've been, well, Net-stalking people associated with the group. I won't go into detail so as not to creep them out (and from what I've seen on the Net, there are people a lot worse than me).

Original band members Mark King and Mike Lindup are "taken" and I would never stalk them, although I love their music. Lead singer and bass guitar whiz King is decidedly middle-aged, can be pudgy and scruffy (though looking OK lately), and just not my type. Internet commenters describe him as "sex on a stick," "sex face" and "hot" but I'm all about the music. Well, almost all. He's quite gorgeous in this 1982 clip and almost 30 years later still electrified the audience at my concert.

More my type, cute and boyish with now-graying curls, but also "taken" is Mike Lindup. Some think his awkward dancing (shown in a better-than-the-record live performance of the early instrumental Sandstorm) is dorky (commenters suggest chaining him to his keyboard), but I think it's adorable. And omigod, he's wearing GLASSES in a recent performance of  "Love in a Peaceful World" (there's original L42er Phil Gould on drums, looking kind of cute himself). I was going to go on about the haunting Mike & Phil version of "Something About You" and speculate on why Phil and Mark no longer get along, but I really don't know what happened and my friends don't care. They did all play together at Mike's wedding (2001 or 2003? I'm too lazy to verify exact date).

Speaking of "taken" Paul has reportedly gotten engaged to Nancy Shevell. He does seem to like New York Jewish women. But I must remember that he's really not for me (ick, drugs and animals) and be strong.

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