Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Happy Holidays

I can't really get into the holiday spirit, since it's not my holiday. But there have been a few seasonal activities.

Going back to last year, I saw "Irving Berlin's White Christmas" at the Marriott Marquis theater. Don't remember much... watching video ... still don't remember much. It was festive.

I went to a holiday party in Princeton, driving from the city with 3 other people. On the way, we stopped at the university's art museum. I had never been on the campus before, other than driving past it once. There was a banner on the street for the museum, but it was not obviously near there. We walked around not finding it, and finally asked for directions. The building turned out to be nowhere near the banner. The museum had a nice collection from many genres. We especially liked a cozy skylit room. We walked around campus a bit, but it was a dreary day and I didn't feel particularly at home (I know people love the place).

We were getting hungry, so after stopping in a cute paper shop, we headed for the party. It was mostly non-puzzlers (regular people! with kids!) but we did get in a game of Pass the Chicken (a k a Celebrity).

A week earlier was J's holiday party, which as usual was filled with games and laughter, as well as white pizza - yum.

I continue to see lots of theater, but nothing especially holiday-oriented, so I'll talk about that another time.

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