Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I do, and I do, and I do...

This morning, I made a "to-do" list. It was way too ambitious.

I did do some of the items - wash hair, laundry, shave legs (oops, that wasn't on the list but should have been), go to PO, go to library (return books, pick up reserved book), go to supermarket.

I brought down a huge pile of books for the laundry room book exchange shelf, mostly '80s novels. I pencil in the date or make a checkmark when I've read a book, and I couldn't remember several of these books so they weren't likely to be treasured and re-read. I also donated some old references which I've upgraded. While I could save these for NPL con prizes, it's hard to carry all that stuff on planes. While I was there, a woman took the old NYT crossword dictionary.

I finished cataloging my book collection on bookcrossing.com EXCEPT books I have no intention of ever trading away (including references and teenage novels/childhood books - though maybe I should have a record of which Nancy Drews, etc. I own). I haven't cataloged any puzzle books, but might so I can tell which ones I've already done. I used to keep a manual list of completed puzzle books, but brought it to the LI tournament one year and LOST it there. Now when I finish a puzzle book, I tear off and save the cover.

In any case, I now have a fairly decent record of my books. All 828 of them (which means I must really have 1000). Now to read all those goodies!

I wouldn't want to begin to count the unread magazines.

The most important "to-do" that wasn't finished is Uptown puzzles. I did work on it, and I'm about halfway through. I'd like to E-mail out corrections tomorrow morning.

As the fall gets into full swing, I'm getting busy and overwhelmed (so what else is new). The calendar is filling up. I need shoes and coats (and boots), for the times I leave my apartment. My teeth need cleaning. I still have some red marks on my forehead, and wonder if I should see the dermatologist.

I think everyone is feeling a bit of a malaise. I read current Barnard/Columbia students' blogs and the honeymoon is over, as they are getting buried in work and facing midterms and papers. I don't miss that aspect of school at all. Work deadlines or just the day-to-day tasks of life can be just as pressured, though.

I have a book called "I Don't Know How She Does It," about a mother of small children. This could apply to Gotcha, my sister, or all the others juggling family responsibilities. My little life is demanding enough. I don't know how they do it.

I also don't know how anyone could be bored.

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