Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Hollywood Hindsight

I was reading an article in Ladies' Home Journal, February 1995 (yeah, I know; but I didn't renew that subscription so no new issues are piling up) called "Hollywood Husbands" about power marriages.

Featured was Michael Douglas, who "tells what makes a marriage work." Unfortunately, he was talking about his marriage to Diandra, which ended in 2000. Other "power pairs" mentioned who are no longer together are Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman, Bruce Willis/Demi Moore, and Renny Harlin/Geena Davis. Interestingly, most of the components of these broken-up couples are now in new power pairs: Douglas/Catherine Zeta-Jones, Cruise/Katie Holmes, Kidman/Keith Urban, Willis/Emma Heming, Moore/Ashton Kutcher. Geena Davis is married to "civilian" Dr. Reza Jarrahy (but he's a plastic surgeon, so what could be more Hollywood?). Diandra Douglas and Renny Harlin are not currently married, according to my quick research.

Couples in the article who are still together are Tom Hanks/Rita Wilson, Steven Spielberg/Kate Capshaw, and Warren Beatty/Annette Bening.

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