Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Here goes the neighborhood

After not seeing Minute Maid Light raspberry passion all year, it finally appeared at the small Associated across the street about a month ago. I bought 3 cartons in 2 visits, and haven't seen it again. Sigh. Maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it is soooo good.

Last winter my coat acquired a notch-shaped tear that seemed cut with a scissor. Perhaps on a train, or when I went to the ladies' room and left my coat on the seat at a screening (but who would be that malicious)? It was a small tear so I just left it. Stepping on a crowded bus last week, someone's handlelike object got caught in the tear and ripped it more, so it now flaps in the breeze. Sewing will undoubtedly show, so before I give up and buy a new coat (ugh, hate shopping, and this coat was "new" from 2003) I wanted to try patching with iron-on tape. I had some PolyWeb hem tape from years ago, but couldn't easily find it so would have to, ugh, shop.

I half-heartedly looked in a few drugstores but thought fabric or crafts shops more likely. So I finally checked out the new (around a year old) Michael's near Whole Foods (the only store in that complex I'd been in). It's down an escalator on basement level and surprisingly large. The aisles were well labeled and I found a few kinds of iron-on fusion tape in the sewing supplies. I couldn't find the checkout and came back up the escalator to ask the guard, who directed me back down. The cashier rang up the purchase but didn't give me a bag, and went off somewhere so I waited until she returned to get one. Although the tape could fit in my purse, I wanted a bag since I would be going back up past the same guard and thought it would avoid problems. I realized later I had an Internet coupon for 40% off, but surely I can find something else to buy there even though I'm not into arts and crafts.

As long as I was checking out the new stores, I went next door, down another escalator to T.J. Maxx. This was just confusing (ick, shopping), and the merchandise seemed crowded and a bit schlocky. Probably decent bargains can be found, but I have a hard time exploring. I always thought it was just clothes, but they have other things.

Then across the street and down another escalator to Modell's (all these stores seem to be underground). If I ever get back to the building gym, I could use real workout clothes and shoes, and they did have these but again, it was just confusing to me. The concrete floor felt uncomfortable; guess you have to be in better shape just to walk around the store.

I did not go in the Sephora, which would probably also be intimidating.

Then a place I'm familiar with - Duane Reade. This just opened and is open 24 hours. Yay. There's a small area upstairs, but most of the store is on the basement level. Very nice and interestingly lit, with a surprisingly large grocery department. This is especially nice to have steps away at any time of day.

There's also a Chase which looks almost ready. There was also supposed to be a Border's but they reportedly bowed out due to the economy. Darn, that would have been amazing to have books available around the corner; we do have a public library on the next block.

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