Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

It's Showtime!

I keep a list with events I need to blog about. This includes Broadway cabaret festival performances at Town Hall, which are (gulp) now a year old. I know this because I'm attending the same festival this weekend.

I'm not a huge Broadway musical theater fan, but am familiar with shows here and there. Much of the music sounds generic to me, so it's rare when I get captivated by something new, like Marcy and Zina's work which I first heard at Symphony Space last year - that performance is available online ("Listen" - scroll down to selections 23-25).

By now, I don't remember many specifics about last year's tribute to David Merrick, or Broadway Originals - there were lots of Broadway luminaries who sang lots of songs. As I waited outside for the doors to open, a limo pulled up with a distinguished elderly gentleman. Ooh, David Merrick! I found out later Merrick died in 2000. Among the Originals was Daisy Eagan, child Tony-winner for "The Secret Garden" who I saw on Bravo's reality series "The It Factor" pounding the pavements as an adult. Host Scott Siegel said Daisy was no longer in the "business of show" full-time. Sigh, dashed dreams.

L was at the same concerts but was in the orchestra when I was in the balcony and vice versa, so we never saw each other.  L and I were both in the Town Hall balcony for July's Broadway's Rising Stars. The performers were young and exuberant, still full of dreams. I was also in the Town Hall balcony in June for sisters Ann Hampton and Liz Callaway's show "Boom!" featuring songs of the '60s and '70s. This is my era, but as I bobbed along with the beat, I found myself wishing I were hearing the original performers. Sorry, the ladies just can't compare to the likes of the Beatles or Stevie Wonder. 

Puzzling's own Amanda Yesnowitz had her lyrics honored at a show at Birdland in January, part of Jim Caruso's Cast Party series (Jim was familiar to me from the Town Hall David Merrick tribute). Brian Cimmet of puzzling's Ryan and Brian was pianist, and the show began with their delightful song "A Way With Words" also performed the following month at the ACPT. A parade of stars sang Amanda's lyrics, including Chip Zien who was in the "Falsetto's" reunion in the Broadway Originals Town Hall show.

Last night's Broadway Melody Makers concert left me cold. Everything screamed BRRROOAADD-way, the singing was strong and emotion-filled, the accompanying musicians were solid, but somehow... eh. Maybe the song selection was not really my taste. L was again there, on the other side of the balcony (we both have tickets to the next 2 shows as well). Post-morteming on the way out, she shared my lukewarm assessment. I guess puzzlers are a tough crowd.

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