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The Weekend

I haven't done a good, old-fashioned "I did this and that, and also did laundry" entry for a while. So let's talk about this past weekend. Because it's the long Columbus Day weekend (which doesn't affect me, since I don't have a real job), I will count Thursday (when everyone's anticipating the long weekend - actually, I'm counting it to fit in a few events) as part of the weekend.

While sliding open the window several days ago, the large vertical piece I was pulling on split off, leaving the window unsealed. Luckily no rain got in, but it really needed to be fixed. The building guy came and said they needed to call in the window company, and not to touch it or any other window and open the terrace door for air. The following week, the window guy called without notice and said he was in the area. He came and looked at it, but it was late in the afternoon and I wasn't sure he'd finish before I had to leave, so we vaguely rescheduled. He finally came on Thursday, and was able to fix the window by hammering the side back in place. We unearthed my vacuum cleaner to clean out the bottom tracks (it's still out so I can do the very dusty rugs), and the window is back to its previous condition. It doesn't close completely sealed against the frame which has warped a bit after 19 years.

Also on Thursday, distant cousins Danny and Donna were visiting from Edmonton, and they took NYC-based cousin and family historian Paul and me to dinner at the Gramercy Tavern.  We are all descendants of Tevel Finkelstein. The restaurant is VERY upscale. At dinner, they offered either a 5-course tasting menu or 3-course regular menu, and the whole table had to do the same option to simplify the logistics. We went with 3 courses. I had zucchini soup, veal with beans, and sorbet (can't find a picture). Impeccable service.

On the way over, I passed the No Idea bar owned by crossword constructor Joe DiPietro (who is NOT the Joe DiPietro who wrote "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" with high school friend Jimmy Roberts). We were going to stop by after dinner, but by then it was late and we just got into a cab.

I don't remember anything about Friday, so I must have done the usual - reading, puzzles, and scouring YouTube for Level 42 videos. They're on tour in the UK, so there are usually new fan uploads (woo-hoo, they did the rarely-performed "43" complete with 4-person drum solo). Still haven't watched all their old stuff, dating from the '80s to more recently. What did we do before YouTube?

I went down to Union Square for the Saturday matinee of "Through the Night." Daniel Beaty plays multiple characters (and also sings!) interwoven in an actual plot. Some reviewers found it preachy but I was moved. (Use ticketmaster.com code THANKS for discount.) At this same theater, I saw "Groovaloo" last winter. It just happened that N and his friend M were also there for that dazzling display of break-dance-type moves.

Next stop, Greek restaurant Dafni to meet NPLer N. Since it was only 5:30 I hadn't thought to make a reservation but although there was plenty of space when we arrived, they said they were booked solid. We could eat at the bar, though, so had dinner there as the place indeed filled up. I had a huge moussaka, string beans, and their fantastic hot bread. There was a little time to spare, so I took N around the nearby Times building.

That night's play was called "Friends" and had a slight crossword connection (the reason N came along). Max is a retired crossword constructor whose money has run out, and he finds himself hungry on a Central Park bench. Ruth happens along, and one thing leads to another. They didn't get crossword references totally wrong (mentioned that puzzles get harder as the week progresses) but not totally right either ("Sills solos": ARIAS was used as an example of a hard entry), and I doubt Will's going to be snatching up sandwiches on park benches in his twilight years. Eh.

On Sunday I got up earlier than usual to make a 1pm matinee of "Perfect Harmony" at 45 Bleecker. Turned out the performance was canceled. They offered to switch me to the 5pm show and I accepted. So now I had to kill time. I headed up to Times Square, and "Catfish" (which my sister had recommended) was playing in 20 minutes so that worked out. The movie was fascinating and unsettling, and I really liked it. Later I watched a "20/20" episode that aired Friday, and couldn't believe how much they spoiled things.

There was still time, so I went to the Times and was pleasantly surprised to see 2 boxes of books left in the giveaway area. Didn't think anything was going on Sunday, but a woman also rummaging through the pile said that often happened. Since I normally come in once a week, I get what's been picked over. This batch for some reason had a heavy concentration of vampire novels. Hope that's not a trend.

Finally, back down to the Village for the show. In the basement theater at the venue, this was about high school glee clubs and had humor (sometimes over-the-top) and singing. Fun. I really should watch "Glee" (which this show actually predates).

Last stop, Whole Foods, which is now over a year old. The other buildings are close to finished and the other stores should open soon. Woo-hoo, civilization!

My first claim with the new health insurance was the thyroid blood test, and when I checked it online it was in process with the sinister notation "exclusion code: lab denial." Not content to wait and see if it's denied, I called today and was relieved that's just internal mumbo-jumbo meaning they have a flat-rate contract with the hospital's lab. At least, I'll stay relieved unless the claim really is denied.

I also did laundry - yay!
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