Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Maxi'ed Out

Over on the blog of wesleyjenn, I commented:

In the 70's I got a certain brand of cologne. It worked so well with my chemistry that more than once (OK, twice) complete strangers stopped me on the street and asked what I was wearing.

The cologne stopped being made a long time ago, plus I get contact allergies from perfumes. So I wear it very sparingly, for special occasions (and I put it on clothing instead of directly on the skin). I stocked up a long time ago, and still have 2 bottles left.

I did see some sold online in India and Pakistan. And wait, there's a bottle up on eBay that looks exactly like the ones I have. I just edited this comment to omit the name of the product, so no one can get any ideas. I'm bidding on that bottle and it will be MINE!
* * * *
That cologne is "Just Call Me Maxi" by Max Factor.

My eBay bid of $14.72 (postage is $6, so that made it approximately $20) held for a while. I learned I was outbid when I woke up today, but the auction still had an hour to go, so I tried $19.72 (no), then $24.72 (good).

Wouldn't you know it, two more vultures came out of the woodwork in the last minute of the auction to bid $30.55 and then the winning bid of $31.55 (I saw this happening, but it was more than I wanted to pay). Oh well, maybe it will come up again. Or I can try ordering from India if my current supply runs out.

This reminds me of when I bid unsuccessfully multiple times for a book of Joni Mitchell piano sheet music (a collection through "Ladies of the Canyon" which is what I was really buying it for, since I already had music for the first 2 albums, and a later collection including "Blue" and "Court and Spark"). Every time it came up, I'd bid, and never got it. Finally I submitted the outrageous bid of $55 - and won it.

I even play it sometimes.

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