Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Because I am 12 (title from Elaine/Tyger)

That prankster Mark King of Level 42, changing the lyrics to something naughty...

"Love Games," Bochum, Germany, 1983 at 6:40, changed from "If you won't show your heart to me" to another body part.

"The Sun Goes Down," Bourges, France, 1986 at 3:01, changed from "We'll be together till the sun goes down" to "I'm gonna f* her till the sun goes down."

Lest one thinks this was a youthful thing done in non-English-speaking countries, he did it in "The Chinese Way" in London last year (start of clip), changed from "My eyes wide open / I feel a breeze / Words softly spoken / in Cantonese" to "My fly's wide open / I feel a breeze / My pecker reaches (yeah) / Down to her knees." In fact, he just did it again in Glasgow 2 weeks ago at :51 (think he said dinkie).

Happy 52nd birthday next Wednesday, MK!
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