Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

More not-so-great books

I did read some great page-turners (reviews later) but these weren't them:

"Adored" by Tilly Bagshawe - Some critics compared this to Jackie Collins, but Jackie Collins is MUCH more interesting than this seemingly endless (548 pages) novel of evil Hollywood. The impossibly gorgeous and talented Siena McMahon is from a great Hollywood dynasty, yet even fame and fortune have their downside. Cheating, lying, abuse, family grudges, betrayal... yawn.

"Bermuda Shorts" by James J. Patterson - I would have abandoned this book of essays, except I received it through LibraryThing.com Early Reviewers program and felt obligated to give it a fair shake. I just never got into these writings about sports, friendship, music, telephones, and everything else I've immediately forgotten. The last chapter - "Something Out of Nothing (a short story)" - made no sense. Maybe my brain was fried after 180 slow-moving pages.

"Recollections of a Rotten Kid" by Joan Marans Dim - This novel takes place in 1955-6, when Judy lives in Manhattan, summers in Rockaway Beach, has an inexplicably mean uncle, and finds first love with the not-very-attractive Artie. Another thin book which was not very interesting.

"Altar Ego" by Kathy Lette - Londoner Becky calls off her wedding to earnest lawyer Julian, then later marries him despite her steamy affair with black American rock star Zack (who has a weird accent: "yer" for "you"?). Her best friends Anouska and Kate rally to support her, except when they don't. The author is trying for a madcap romp, but it was mostly distasteful.

"Bed Rest" by Rita Kashner - Beth Clahr often burrows under the covers to escape her Westchester life, and wonders whether to restart the operatic career she abandoned to be a mom. There are a few vague flirtations, and concern over a sick friend, but not much happens and the book just made me tired.

"Playing Tahoe" by Sandra Hochman - Sylvia Lundholm has been creating hit lyrics for pop star Nick Dimani, but she wonders whether to continue as he begs her to come to Tahoe to make one last great album. That's all I've got, since I stopped reading on p. 124. The music industry may be fast-paced and fascinating, but not in this novel.

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