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In a comment last month on Ryan and Brian's blog, Joon rated me behind several solvers and equal to him and some others. Fighting words!  I haven't been following posted solving times other than Amy and Dan F.,so don't know how fast Joon or anyone else is. The only times I'd been posting were NYT Friday/Saturday puzzles done on paper while proofreading, so they were not very speedy.

I'm nerdy enough to admit that at one point I kept a spreadsheet comparing my non-NYT times with Amy. I gave it up because I almost always beat her. So I resurrected that (I'm a minute faster overall), and added a tab for Dan Feyer (ack, he's killing me - I'm a minute slower and rarely beat him - but take THAT, 4/10/10 Saturday Stumper!).  Yes, I know the design is clunky (I never formally learned Excel). I may add another tab with NYT info, but it won't be completely comparable due to the paper/proofreading factor. I'll keep the spreadsheet public and relatively updated, rather than inflict solving times on blog readers (they will instead be inflicted with reports on chick lit books and shows no one's heard of).

Who cares? I guess my ego's still tied up in being competitive. I need to learn to age gracefully.

And Joon did beat me at Lollapuzzoola (as did Jangler/Jeffrey and Jon). I'm changing my name to Jellen.

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